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At Brain Restoration Clinic, we take time and great care in partnering with our patients and families. We seek to truly and deeply understand the diagnosis in order to develop a comprehensive, customized treatment program that is both safe and effective in restoring the ‘whole health’ of the patient.

We use an integrative therapeutic approach involving different neurodiagnostic tools, advanced therapeutic modalities and ‘nutritional neurology’ to identify and address the underlying issues impacting brain health and ultimately improve treatment outcomes.


Our Mission:

To provide comprehensive, customized and compassionate care for all patients with neurological problems. We utilize a broad range of safe, innovative therapies to restore maximal neurologic function and improve overall health and well-being.


Our Patients:

Boy Holding Blue Iced Puzzle Piece CookieOur practice sees patients of all ages  (children and adults) with a range of complex neurological problems that can be of genetic, metabolic, neuro-immune, nutritional, neurodevelopmental and/or environmental origins.

We are known for our exceptional work with children with Autism and related spectrum disorders. We also work with young patients with diagnoses of PANDAS, sensory integration disorder, neuro-immune disorders, speech-language delay, headaches, seizures, Tourette’s Syndrome, tic disorders, developmental delay, Cerebral Palsy, neurocutaneous disorders, neurometabolic/neurogenetic and neuromuscular impairments, as well as other unexplained, undiagnosed and difficult to treat neurological conditions.

We have expanded our services further -see the NEWS/EVENTS page.

Access To Care:

DiversityAccess to quality and affordable neurological and nutritional care for our patients and families is a priority. We are a fee-for-service provider, and do not work with any insurance companies, however we can provide you with itemized receipts that allow you file your own out-of-network claims.  Please contact us for more information regarding our fee schedule as well as payment options for the various services offered. Also see the SERVICES/INSURANCE page for more details.



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We love Dr. Corbier! After so many doctors, he was the first to care and find answers for my son. He spent lots of time and gave me hope for the first time. Our son is now 16 and what a difference Dr. Corbier has made in his life. Dr. Corbier has a heart of gold and is a true blessing for us hurting parents!

                                                                                                                                              – Anonymous

The most caring physician I have ever encountered. He is absolutely brilliant. My children’s cases are not “textbook, black and white cases.” We have been to many, many physicians and most are intimidated by my son’s case. Dr. Corbier takes interest in these cases and he deals with the person as a whole. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that my children would not have regained and/or recovered many of their lost or delayed milestones if they were not under his care. As a parent of special children, I normally dread Dr. visits because I feel like most of the time I am not heard. When we see him, I know that I will be heard. I know that I want piece of mind that my children’s best interests are taken into consideration at each visit. I can breathe a sigh of relief just knowing that my children are under his care. It takes a village. I feel like we get the support we need from him and his staff.  

                                                                                                                                              – Melissa

 My son and I have been seeing Dr. Corbier for almost a year now. I have to say, he is GREAT! Really taking time to understand and listen is very key, and he does this very well. My son has Autism and I feel like I understand the science and the biology of how this disorder works, now more than ever. He is caring and I would recommend this Doctor to anyone.                

                                                                                                                                              – Stephanie

 Dr. Corbier is a wonderful doctor. After many years of worry for our son, and having no answers, he diagnosed our son and sent him on the path of recovery. He is a very special man to our family.

                                                                                                                                              – The Shiller Family

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BEST Ped Neurologist in Charlotte!

One of my children has complex neurological and developmental issues and has been a patient of Dr. Corbier for over two years. I found him to be extremely thorough, and he always spent whatever time necessary to discuss my list of questions/concerns…He has a wonderful, calm bedside manner. I felt that he actually KNEW my child and didn’t have to brush up on his history when he sat down in the exam room. Dr. Corbier is willing to explore many options and has provided a list of alternative treatments and plans. If one doesn’t work, we move on to the next…He has become the most sought-after ped neurologists in the Charlotte area.

                                                                                                                                              – Astioh

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Four years ago we got the devastating diagnosis of mitochondrial disease.  My husband and I felt like we were living in a game of whack-a-mole.  We could solve one problem but three more would pop up.  At the end of the day, our son was slowly deteriorating.  Our other son, is 16 months, younger than his brother, so we could not ignore our older son’s decline.  For over 3 years I had gone to  one  or more doctor appointments per week.  We were traveling weekly 3 hours for a 4 hour appointment.  We were emotionally and physically exhausted.  We felt our younger son was left with a sitter or spending his life in a doctors’ waiting room.  There was no time for our healthy child to have playdates, after-school or church activities.  

We called Brain Restoration Clinic and explained our situation.  Everyone was patient and helpful.  At the time, there was a 3-month waiting list to see Dr. Corbier.  They office manager offered to put us on a waiting list.  There was a cancellation and we saw Dr. Corbier in less than 2 weeks.  He spent two hours with us, and our son.  He took detailed notes.  He ordered a myriad of tests and scheduled a follow up in 10 weeks.  One test alone, was $50K, over all I would estimate the testing and treatment was in excess of $100K.  We paid out of pocket only 10%. Our son had not regularly attended school in three years, he was always tired, depressed and generally hated his life.  Dr. Corbier suggested a variety of therapies-diet, supplements, horse therapies, alpha stem, and specific iPhone apps that would improve his condition.  We were hopeful but not optimistic.  Honestly, I told my husband don’t buy me a gift for our 25th anniversary.  If there is even a glimmer of hope for him, we have to try.  My husband was very reluctant, but he gave in to my pleadings.  Once the test results came in, my husband and I took a day off from work.  Dr. Corbier spent over 2 hours with us explaining the complexity of our son’s illness.  We were devastated!  Dr. Corbier addressed both the physical and emotional affects of his diagnosis.  As Type A parents, we followed the diet and prescribed treatment for our son … it wasn’t a big bang experience but our son steadily improved.  At the 90-day mark, I requested we repeat the metabolic panel tests.  In December 2016, our son had almost no ferritin, vitamin D or protein in his system.  After following the protocol, every blood test was in the normal range.  Our son has NEVER had any vitamin D or ferritin in his system.  ALL his bloodworm was normal.  Mito kids never have normal blood work.  The blood work proved the financial sacrifices we had made for our son had worked beautifully.  He no longer needed O2 or weekly fluids. We had even gone 30 days without seeing our pediatrician.  It was a sacrifice, but our son has had a normal summer … camp, sleepovers, an amusement park, trips to the lake, and even a day at a waterpark. This is unheard of for children with our son’s diagnosis.  Is his life exactly like his peers, no but slowly and steadily he is enjoying the life of a typical middle schooler.  He even has become “sassy”!  This experience has been priceless to us.

Suzzannah, North Carolina